BS Projects

In Progress

♦ Cloud-based Online Voting System

(Mansoor Khan, Farhat Ejaz, Shahbaz bin Tahir)

♦ Management Information System for Mehraj Welfare Organization

(Jamshed, Suleman)



 ♦ 3D Badminton game with Virtual Reality

(Muhammad Jawad Rashid, Asad Bilal, Imran Idrees)

 ♦ A Virtual Reality Based Cricket Game

(Omer Ehsan, Abeer Sajjad Shah, Imad Ul Haq)

 ♦ Android based vehicle tracking and route recommendation

(Asif Ghadir, Maisam Ali, Mohsin Ahmed)


 ♦ An IoT enabled smart home

(Usman Shahzad, Nouman, Imran)

♦ A drone for collection data from fields

(Faisal Hashmi, Muhammad Arshad, Ijaz)

♦ PiBOTS: Raspberry Pi enabled robots base surveillance and control

(Zeeshan Tariq, Amir Tariq, Sabba Khan)

♦ Fog enabled e-commerce Website
(Omar Obaid, Faisal Murad, Saif Ali Khan)

♦ An online multiplayer snooker game using unity

(Junaid, Saif, Mishaal)


♦ A Wi-Fi based car racing game using Unity engine

(Students: Abdullah Khan, Ashar, Ahsan Ghouse)

♦ A website for CS Department Abbottabad

(Students: Haris Lateef, Kamran, Saqib)


♦ MediPak: A portal to rate and recommend doctors, laboratories, and hospitals.


♦ A network based car racing game using unreal engine 

(Students: Jasim, Asfandyar)

♦ An e-commerce website with integrated recommendation system 

(Students: Touqeer Fazal, Mubashar Islam)


♦ E-Commerce Website, with online payment

(Iqbal Hussain)


♦ A Network Monitoring System using .NET Windows Management Instrumentation

(Students: Saqib Saeed, Abdul Hakeem)